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The craziness of June

It is always an odd month. Littered with birthdays and a few public holidays prior to the winter holidays, there always seem to be something to be done, something to remember. But this is balanced by the fatigue of working hard over the past few months and feeling in desperate need of a holiday.

The ideal is the transition from hard work to holiday would be smooth and without stutters. Always the ideal. Reality tends to float in a different direction. For example, I’ve had a few mental lines and ideas I wanted to write about it over the past few weeks, but an unforeseen pitfall (aren’t they always?) sabotaged them. Nothing less surprising that our new puppy’s sharp teeth cut through my laptop’s power cable. The result was no laptop, work in the form of reports that needed to be written heaping up and my frustration levels hovering just beneath the ceiling. Probably proof that I am addicted to my laptop and lost without it…

But hope prevailed and after my new ambilical powercord arrived, I could start catching up on work, but not on more creative writting. All systems go and got 95% done before we would leave on holiday. Just one more innocent run to the post office to pick up my new Nicky French novel and we would be ready for our week away. Ideal. Fantasy.

Unfortunately I dropped my car key. Key as in plastic card to start my Renault. Reality: key not working, loving message from car reading, “Key not detected”. There I was with my book, but stranded in front of the post office. From past experience I knew there was no way I would get some TLC from Renault in my hour of need. Luckily through the help of a colleague and going through a few contacts from a master mechanic, we left the road less travelled (in colleague’s car) and wound our way into some dodgy areas to find a “key specialist”. Lets not give away to many details, but to say money exchanged hands and somehow I got a working key. For better or worse, I became part of a different food chain.

So, holiday started and so far so good. The girls dropped off at Oupa and Ouma (Afrikaans for grandfather and grannie) and drove through to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. Something Anneen and I have not done for 11 years. Also our first holiday on our own for 8 years. Reality does always suck. A great week of theatre, dance, comedy and music to dive into. And most of all, just to relax and to enjoy every moment. Watch us go!!


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