The Quiet

It has been very quiet around here. I apologise for that. It reminds me of Bjork:

It’s oh so quiet;

it’s oh so still.

You’re all alone and peaceful until ….”.

Luckily it is not followed by the loud “zing boom” associated with bad news. Nope none of that dark skies and gloomy headlines and deadlines. No tumour or brain cancer update or that being the underlying reason for the “stilte” (stillness). All is well in the house of orange.

It has just been incredible busy. And I am thankful for that. The ability to work hard, moving house earlier this year, getting hands dirty with loads of DIY and seeing the vineyards being harvested around us are all reasons to celebrate life. On the downside, time for writing (apart from work related stuff) and running has been preciously limited. I need to get back to those.

I am aware that I can also grumble at times about work. Or being tired due to work. But it is a privilege to be able to work, to provide a service to people I meet and to love what I do. Can it get any better than that? There will always be some budget shortfalls, last minute emergencies and at times long hours. But in a country where there are so many who do not have work or where illness have robbed some desperate longing to work from that opportunity, I can only embrace an attitude of gratitude. To be able to enjoy and love what I do, calls for festivities!

I am well. Even when I am off-line and off the grid. Even when I drop in for a quick read of other’s blogs, I do not forget the others I’ve met in blog-land who has battled with brain tumours or life’s other curveballs. Thanks for anyone who gave me a thought since I last put my thoughts in words.

“the sky caves in
the devil cuts loose
you blow blow blow blow blow your fuse
when you’ve fallen in love

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One response to “The Quiet

  1. colourmecrazee

    thanks for the update. good luck with the busy-ness. 🙂

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