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The Irony

It is quite ironic to look back at my last post and my reflections on how quiet life was. Posted in March (2014), there was no reason to complain, no reason to carry the burden of concern and life was providing more positives than challenges. How quickly things can change when the curveball comes flying towards you.

Only 3 weeks later and the baby sitter was booked. A relaxing night out for the two of us in Stellenbosch. With autumn delivering beautiful evenings we started with a stunning glass of red at a local wine bar, followed by a tasty meal at a traditional South African restaurant. As we still had some time to procrastinate our home coming, we called up a mutual friend. As she was in between working on paintings, we were got comfy in her studio/flat for coffee and chats. All in all, exactly what the doctor ordered. By the time we got home and had the kids in bed, it was truly time to slumber contently after a good grown-up evening about town.

It feels unusual to wake in the middle of a dream and the dream-like figures are lingering on against your bedroom walls. However, when the realisation dawns upon you that they are paramedics who are calmly bending over an ambulance trolley, unusual turns into surreal. It takes a step up with the awareness that you are the patient strapped on their ambulance  trolley. It was a seizure. The first I had in 2 years. The first since my brain tumour diagnosis in 2012. In my sleep, on our bed, without warning. The only difference this time, was that I was aware of Anneén being there and while being wheeled out of our house, a good (doctor) friend standing with and comforting my eldest daughter who woke up during my epileptic commotion.

I was much clearer about the rest of the events during the early morning. The red and white ambulance parked outside, they journey to hospital and the doctor and nursing staff who checked me out. I actually felt clear in my thinking. Also clear about the pain in my right shoulder. More than once I was asked if I fell out of bed. No. The whole thing (according to Anneén about 20 minutes in duration) happened while being in bed. I was discharged the next day, luckily a Sunday, feeling more emotionally shook-up than anything else. But my whole body was aching from the power surge that shot through my muscles. Mostly so my shoulder.

Skip forward a few weeks and a few physiotherapist sessions. I am at the orthopaedic surgeon’s office with my scans and sonar results. Well, I was not pregnant. At least that part was easily ruled out! But I fractured my shoulder. Yip, not needed to fall, bump or run into something. Apparently the only way you can break any bone in your body with only using your own strength is by having a seizure. Thus I shook everyone up at home and now a shoulder operation was awaiting.

Yipee yah hey!


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