Running the Challenge

It is an easy excuse, but the winter months prove a challenge for my running and fitness endeavours. Up to the end of May I have been on the road and muddy tracks several times per week, taking the dogs with me to satisfy their feverish needs to explore the close-by vineyards and our local forest area. My fitness was on a positive upwards curve and I felt in good form. But June and July saw a white flag instead of running shoes. It had been tough in the cold and wet mornings and by the time I arrive home in the evenings, the sun had long gone to warmer climates.

At least there were a couple of runs, in the hope to hold on to some shape of good intention and a tad of fitness. Last Thursday, due to some misunderstanding of dates and days, I accidently had the day off. Loved it for having to do neglected odd bits on my own, but income-wise inconvenient timing. However, it provided me time to take the dog’s running harnesses off the shelf and to enjoy the flood of energy and excitement when they heard the little metal clips calling. To them this is a calling to an hedonistic hour, the pleasure of exploring the outside wilderness where grapes and pine trees grows, where smells and unexpected encounters of fellow canines are “like the best thing ever dude“. Off we went. They loved it. I suffered. The 7.4 km earthy tracks killed my enthusiasm and entered the disappointment of failing in my exercise aspirations.

Tiger Trail J-hoek 2013 II

Luckily there are second chances. Yesterday I took on the tarmac up Blaauklippen Road, past several vineyards and wineries. Running on my own is probably a bit selfish towards my usual running companions. But it allows me to focus on my pace, my posture and to focus on well known distant markers along the way. Crossing the Blaauklippen stream is at 1.4 km. The sign past a small restaurant is my 2.5km turning point when I do 5 km short run. But I had the strength to carry on. Pass the Blouklip turn-off (useful for my Strava challenge) and up the steep circle climb towards Dornier, Kleinnood and Waterford. A good run and knowing that heading back, long stretches of downhill awaits.

There are several things I take away from a good run, like yesterday’s. I completed 8 kilometres and ran it at a satisfying pace (recall of recent laziness). It provides a sense of achievement and knowing I can shake of those couple of extra annoying numbers the bathroom scale throws in my face. But more, it provides comfort. Knowing that I can run, despite past seizures and that bugger of a tumour. That there is always a way to get back up when you feel down and out, or when live gets too comfortable under the warm winter blankets. The challenge is to run and I have to run those challenges. Not against anyone, but for myself and for my family. To stay well and healthy.

Another run coming up in 23 minutes’ time. Not one for the running shoes or with our beautiful dogs. A MRI Brain Scan awaits. A different challenge, but one I can’t shy away from. So wish me luck as off I go.


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8 responses to “Running the Challenge

  1. Dink aan jou en julle: beste wense en “positive vibes” vir julle almal.
    (Behalwe vir die bogger van ‘n breintumor, natuurlik.)

    • Dankie Kindvanniewind! Hoop om vandag uitslag van die scan te kry, presies 3 jaar na my tumour verwyder is.

      • Sjoe: dit voel soos gister…
        Ek onthou die kommentaar wat ek die nag voor jou chirurgie vir jou op jou blog van daai nag geskryf het, ‘n parafrase van:
        “En nou bly Geloof, Hoop en Liefde, hierdie drie. En die grootste hiervan is Liefde.”

        Ek was destyds so diep onsteld en meegesleur in daardie maalstroom van onsekerheid. Elke wakker oomblik se gedagtes was opgeslurp in innige meelewing: nie net met julle as kerngesin nie, maar ook met die veel wyer rimpel-effek op die groter geheel. Soveel so dat die Londen 2012 Olimpiese Spele wat hier op my agterstoep aan die gang was, nou slegs wasige herinnering is.

      • Ek onthou daardie post só goed. Asook hoe die Olimpiese Spele my geselskap in die hospitaal gehou het. So het ek vriende gemaak met iemand wat die 2007 rugby wêreld beker gekyk het tydens sy tumour operasie. Vreemd hoe sekere gebeurtenisse saamval en vasgedra word in memories!

  2. karen

    Gelukkig vir julle is somer oppad en word draf weer makliker – hierdie kant moet ek my geestelik regkry vir koud en donker oefen. Maar darem nog nie, vandag is nog 30 grade! Baie sterkte, en mag daar geen verrassings wees nie.

  3. colourmecrazee

    well done – nice to hear from you again. 🙂

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